Middle Earth: the Wizards Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions #7 Revised

File Number 7 Revised, current as of 5/13/96,
Kleptomaniac Wizard version Maintained by Craig "Ichabod" O'Brien

Thanks to Peter Costantinidis for doing the original FAQ with the table of contents. I have updated this to reflect the current FAQ.

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Especially new and/or changed information is marked with **. Please take special note of the answers that start with REVISION, this typically indicates a reversal or or significant change to a previous ruling.

  1. Questions About Characters
  2. Questions About Combat
  3. Questions About Movement
  4. Questions About Playing Hazards
  5. Questions About the Site Phase
  6. Questions About Specific Cards
  7. Questions About Timing
  8. Miscellaneous Questions
  9. Questions About Support
  10. Cards with Errata

Questions About Characters

Q: What is the difference between discarding a character and eliminating a character?
A: A discarded character can be brought into play again, either by yourself or another player. An eliminated character may not be brought back into play at all.

Q: Do you have to put two of the same wizard in your play deck or can you put two different wizards in your deck?
A: You can either put two of the same wizard in or two different wizards in.

Q: Can characters with a bonus to influence against "Blue Mountain Dwarves" use that bonus against dwarf characters with the home site Blue Mountains?
A: No. This bonus only applies to the Blue Mountain Dwarf faction.

Q: If a character has a bonus to their direct influence do they get the bonus for each of their followers?
A: No. They only get the bonus once.

** Q: Do duplicated starting character that go back in the deck count towards the 10 character play deck limit?
A: When using the character draft at official Council of Lórien events, the duplicated characters do count against this limit. If not using the character Draft, duplicated characters do not count.

** Q: Can more than one of the same non-weapon non-unique item be played on a character?
A: Yes. More than one of the same weapon can be included (or the same shield, armor, etc.), but only one may be used (though all the corruption applies).

Q: Does tapping a character tap their equipment also?
A: No.

Q: Does a spell tap a wizard?
A: Only if it says so on the card.

Q: When do Hobbits count as half characters?
A: Only for determining company size. Fellowship and the beginning of the game consider them as whole characters.

Q: Can I play a character if I don't have enough general influence to control them?
A: Yes, as long as you have enough general and direct influence to control all of your characters at the end of the organization phase. Note that you cannot play a character and remove a character in the same organization phase. If you play a character and cannot control them by the end of the phase, the just played character must be returned to your hand.

Q: What happens if I try to influence away an item from an opponent's wizard? The rules state that his mind stat is used for this roll, and a wizard has no mind stat.
A: You may not attempt to influence away an item from an opponent's hand.

** Q: Can an ally play cards that require a character with a specific skill?
A: Yes, except for items.

Q: If I have a hobbit in my starting company and that hobbit leaves play and comes into my hand, can I play him at a haven?
A: No, he must be played at Bag End.

Questions About Combat

Q: The rules say the modification for tapped is -1 and for wounded is -2. If you are tapped and wounded is the modification -3?
A: No. Wounded characters are only at -2.

Q: How do creatures with a body number work?
A: For each strike that fails, a body check must also be made (unless the attack has no body, i.e., a dash). Every strike must fail and its body must be defeated in order to get MPs for the creature.

** Q: In what order are permanent bonuses applied?
A: The bonuses from weapons are applied first (and thus any prowess or body maximum is only considered at this point). Any other bonuses from permanents are applied in the order the player controling the characters chooses. This includes bonuses listed in a characters text box.

** Q: How exactly are strikes assigned?
A: When you are facing a hazard creature, you may only assign strikes to untapped characters. You may only assign one strike to each character. Any strikes you do not assign your opponent assigns to any characters who have not yet been assigned a strike. Any strike remaining after that is assigned as -1 modifiers to a character's prowess by your opponent. More than one of these modifiers may be assigned to a single character or to multiple characters as your opponent chooses.

Q: When is it too late to cancel a strike or an attack?
A: Once the strikes have been assigned it is too late to cancel the attack. Once the dice have been rolled it is too late to cancel the strike.

Q: Does cancelling a strike or attack defeat it?
A: No.

Q: Are the side effects of losing a character dealt with before or after I finish resolving any other strikes?
A: They are resolved immediately, before the other characters face their strikes.

Questions About Movement

Q: How does starter movement work?
A: Each company will have a face up site card showing the site it is at. This is called the site of origin. By the end of the organization phase put a face down new site for each of your companies that wishes to move. If a company's site of origin is a non-haven site (not Rivendell, Lorien, Edhellond, or Grey Havens), the new site must be the nearest haven. If the site of origin is a haven site there are two options. If you want to go to another haven you may go to one of the two nearest havens listed on your site of origin card, the new site card would be one of these two havens. If you want to go to a non-haven site it must be one which lists the site of origin as the nearest haven. If the company successfully makes it to the new site, discard the site of origin at the end of that company's movement/hazard phase.

Q: Does a company have to move each turn?
A: No. Simply play no new site card for a company that does not wish to move. This company is considered to be at its site of origin for your entire turn. Thus, your opponent may only play hazard creatures that are playable at the company's site. That is, hazard creatures with symbols that matches the site's symbol.

Q: How does region movement work?
A: To move a company from its site of origin to another site using region movement, lay down a series of up to four regions and the new site by the end of your organization phase. Each region in the series must list on its card the regions that are connected with it in the series as adjacent regions. The region at the beginning of the series must be the region listed on the site of origin card. The region at the end of the series must be the region listed on the new site card. A site which lies more than four regions away from the site of origin may not be reached in one turn with region movement (without Bridge, Shadowfax, etc.).

Q: Lebennin and Ithilien look adjacent on the map in the rulebook, but they aren't listed as adjacent on the cards. Is this a mistake?
A: No. If a site is not listed as adjacent on the card, it is not adjacent. In this case the Anduin River seperates the two regions.

Q: Why would I want to use region movement?
A: Region movement allows you to move from one non-haven site to another non-haven site, which speeds up the game. It also allows greater flexibility in movement. The only disadvantage is that an opponent can play certain hazard creatures keyed to specific regions.

Q: Why don't the starter decks have region cards?
A: A priority in the design of the game was to insure the playability of starter decks. Region cards would likely be mechanically useless cards in a starter deck game.

Q: How exactly is the site path determined?
A: The site path is determined by the way you got to the site. If you used starter movement the site path is the path on the site card for moving to and from a haven, or the path on the haven card for moving from haven to haven. If you are using region movement the site path is made of the region types on the region card you played. The site path always include the site type of the site you move to.

Q: Is any other site path ever considered besides the route a company takes when travelling?
A: Yes. For three cards from Me:TW in particular, Dragon's Desolation, Foul Fumes, and Long Winter, the site path listed with the site card itself must be considered, not the company's site path. For example, a company is at a site and chooses not to move. If the opponent plays Foul Fumes and Doors of Night, the site must tap if its site card contains a shadow-land symbol or dark-domain symbol. This site path is referred to as the site's site path, not the company's site path.

Q: Can I use short or long events to alter the site's site path?
A: Yes.

** Q: When is a company considered to be at a site it just moved to?
A: At the end of the company's movement/hazard phase, when its site of origin is removed from play.

Questions About Playing Hazards

Q: Does the hazard limit change if a character is eliminated during the movement/hazard phase.
A: No. The hazard limit is set at the begining of movement.

** Q: Do permanent events count against the hazard limit?
A: Permanent events only count against the hazard limit when first played. Nazgûl permanent-events also count when the tap (as stated on their cards).

Q: If my opponent has 2 companies when the first one moves can I play a hazard on the second one?
A: No. Hazards may only be played on a company whose movement/hazard phase is being resolved. Note that long and non-targeted permanent- events may affect both companies, even if they are played "on" the first company.

Q: Can an on guard card be triggered by one company and affect another?
A: Rarely. Only in the case of a hazard long- or permanent-events like Awaken Denizens which affects the automatic-attack at EACH ruins & lairs. An on-guard card that is legally revealed against a company during the site phase is not inherently restricted to affect only that company.

Q: If you play a creature as an on-guard hazard, can you reveal it after the automatic attack is faced?
A: No. If it is not revealed before the automatic attack is resolved it will go back to your hand at the end of the site phase.

Q: If a card requires two wilderness in the site path do they need to be consecutive?
A: No.

** Q: Can a creature hazard be placed on-guard at a site without an automatic attack, and if so when do you reveal it?
A: A creature can be played, but it cannot be legally revealed. Thus, it will go back to your hand at the end of the site phase.

Q: Does cancelling a strike or attack defeat it?
A: No.

** Q: What happens if the region or site type a creature is keyed to goes away before the creature resolves?
A: The creature is immediately discarded, and it has no effect on play.

Questions About the Site Phase

Q: The rules say you can play a minor item after successfully playing a item, ally, faction, or information resource at a site. Can you do this even if minor items are not playable at the site?
A: Yes.

Q: Once I get to a site, how exactly do I go about exploring it?
A: First declare that you are exploring the site. Then face any automatic attacks. If you have an untapped character at the site, play a card that is playable at that site. For most items and inormation cards it will say on the site card if you can play an item of that type (minor, major, greater, gold ring). For some items, factions, and allies it will say on the resource card if it is playable at that site. If the resource is successfully played and you still have an untapped character you may play a minor item. If after facing the automatic attack you have no untapped characters you must wait until next turn and face the automatic attack again (if you still want to play something).

Q: Can I use a card that cancels an attack to cancel an automatic attack?
A: Yes. This counts as facing the automatic attack.

Q: Do Havens ever tap, and if so are they discarded?
A: Yes Havens can tap. However, tapped Havens go back into your location deck, not to your discard pile.

Q: Is an automatic attack considered a hazard?
A: No.

Q: Does the site tap if I fail my roll to play a faction?
A: No. The site only taps if the resource card is played successfully.

Q: When exactly can I play a minor item after playing another item?
A: Only if the first item is played as part of the normal sequence for playing items in the site phase.

Questions about Smartass Internet Related ICE Guys

Q: Huh?
A: Yea!

Questions About Specific Cards

** Q: How do you treat a character who is discarded due to an Abductor?
A: REVISION: All cards controlled by the discarded character are also discarded.

Q: If Alatar uses his special ability to help a company, does he stay with that company?
A: Yes, he does.

Q: Can Alatar make someone draw 0 cards, even though the rules say you must draw at least 1?
A: Yes, Alatar can force a zero-card draw.

Q: Can an Aligned Palantir be stored?
A: Yes.

Q: If the Balrog of Moria is in play and Galadriel gets killed, what happens in Lorien ?
A: The "In addition" section is not used because she is "out-of-play." The ring of Galadriel (Nenya) and her spirit are assumed to inhabit Lorien if she dies.

Q: If I play the Balrog and then kill it do I get the MP's?
A: No.

Q: Does Bane of the Ithil-stone stop me from drawing cards when someone moves?
A: No. It will only cancel actions that literally cause a player to search throught or look at any portion of any play deck or discard pile outside the sequence of normal play. It will cancel Vilya, which allows Elrond's player to look through their discard pile and put 5 cards into their play deck; and it will cancel Lucky Search. Bane of the Ithil-stone will not stop an effect which allows a player to bring cards from their sideboard into their discard pile or play deck. Neither will it affect an action which otherwise only causes a player to reshuffle their play deck.

Q: If a character gets returned to your hand by Call of Home or Call of the Sea, can you transfer all their items to other characters?
A: No, you may transfer one item. All other non-follower cards controlled by the target character are discarded.

Q: Can I play a Cave Drake at a Ruins & Lairs without two Wilderness In the site path?
A: Sure, go for it.

Q: If you cancel the Corpse-candle's attack does the company still have to make the corruption checks?
A: No, they do not.

Q: Does Doors of Night cancel resource environments played after Doors of Night is played?
A: No. Doors of Night only cancels resource environments that are in play when Doors of Night is played. The same goes for Gates of Morning cancelling hazard environments. Neither card can be played after strikes from an attack have been assigned, if the card would cause the number of strikes from the attack to change.

Q: Do I have to store Dreams of Lore to get the MPs?
A: No.

Q: Does the site have to be untapped in order to use the Dwarven Ring of Barin's Tribe?
A: Yes.

Q: Do Dwarven Rings give Dwarves +7 influence, or an influence of 7?
A: They give +7 to direct influence.

Q: Can you use an Elven Cloak to cancel a hazard keyed to double wilderness?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the character wounded by Escape have to be unwounded when the Escape is played?
A: Yes. You cannot play Escape on a wounded character.

Q: Can I play the Evenstar if there are no Wilderness or Border-lands in play?
A: Yes. The additional effect of the Evenstar if Gates of Morning is in play is optional.

Q: If Doors of Night is in play does Eye of Sauron give +3 or +4 to the prowess of each automatic attack?
A: Eye of Sauron will only give +3 to the prowess of each automatic attack.

Q: Whose body is refered to on Eowyn and many of the other female cards, hers or the Nazgul's?
A: The Nazgul's.

Q: Can I play more than one Fellowship on a company?
A: Yes.

Q: If I stay at an untapped site during my movement and play a Foul Fumes during my opponent's movement, does my site tap?
A: Yes. The site path to consider for the second paragraph of Foul Fumes is the one listed on the site card, not the company's site path.

Q: Does Gandalf have to be in the same company as the ring he tests?
A: Yes.

Q: When can you use Goldberry's special ability?
A: You can tap Goldbery to cancel an effect declared earlier in the same chain of effects that would return her company to its site of origin.

Q: What happens to a Gold Ring card when I test it?
A: It is discarded, and you loose the Marshalling Point it gave you. If you have the right ring (as indicated by the test roll) in your hand you may play it immediately.

Q: Can Gollum and the One Ring ever be together at the same site?
A: Yes. The text on Gollum is an ability that you can choose to use, not an effect that happens automatically.

Q: What do Great Ship, Leaflock, and Tom Bombadil mean when they say "cancel the effects of one hazard?"
A: These cards allow the cancelling of an attack. They also allow the cancelling and discarding of an ongoing hazard effect that targets the company in question or any entity associated with that company (item, character, site, etc.). They allow the cancelling of an effect declared earlier in the same chain of effects.

** Q: If I am at a site where healing cards affect all characters at the site and I play Halfling Strength to heal a Hobbit, is everyone healed?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Healing Herbs be used to heal a wounded character before the body check, and thus avoid the body check?
A: The character will heal, but the body check is unavoidable.

Q: Do the cards you have to discard when Khamul the Easterling taps come from your hand, from in play, or both?
A: From your hand only.

Q: Is the number of cards discarded determined when Khamul is declared or when he is resolved?
A: When he is declared.

Q: If Doors of Night is in play, Long Winter only taps the sites belonging to the player whose turn it is, right?
A: Wrong. All sites in play with two Wildernesses in the site path given on the site card become tapped.

Q: Can I play Lucky Search at a tapped site?
A: Sure, go ahead. It can be played at a tapped or untapped site.

Q: If I get a second resource with Lucky Search, can I play a second minor item too?
A: No.

Q: When the scout faces the attack for Lucky Search, are they tapped and do they have the item?
A: They are tapped and they do have the item.

Q: What if the item revealed by Lucky Search is Unique and already in play?
A: Keep turning over cards. Note that if the final card in the deck is revealed the deck is not considered to be exhausted.

Q: If I play a ring special item after testing a gold ring, will this trigger a corruption check for Lure of Expedience?
A: Yes, it will trigger a corruption check.

Q: Will Lure of Expedience trigger if I transfer an item from one character to another?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: If I tap a character to help another character with a Lure of the Sense's corruption check, do they then untap?
A: No, they will not untap until next turn.

Q: What exactly does the "Only playable at Lorien" mean on Mirror of Galadriel?
A: It means that Mirror of Galadriel is playable if any one of your characters is at Lorien.

Q: When do I have to declare using the Morgul-horse to bring a Nazgul permanent-event back into my hand?
A: You must declare this immediately after declaring the Nazgul permanent-event is tapping, before the Nazgul resolves and goes to the discard pile.

Q: If a character already has had a corruption card played on him during his turn, and he is wounded by a Nazgul bearing Morgul-knife or the Pale Sword, are they eligible to receive one of these corruption cards also? The rules state that a maximum of one corruption card may be played on a character per turn.
A: The character may not be assigned the Pale Sword or Morgul-knife as corruption cards in this situation. These two Nazgul enhancers should be ammended to say that playing them as corruption cards is optional.

Q: Do I have to discard my Morgul Night if Doors of Night is discarded?
A: No, Doors of Night is only required when Morgul Night comes into play.

Q: Can Muster be played when influencing an opponent's faction?
A: Unfortunately for your opponent, yes.

Q: Can I use the Nazgul are Abroad to bring back a Nazgul that I played as a creature?
A: Yes, the cards do not remember how they were played. You can also play a Nazgul you get back with the Nazgul are Abroad as a creature.

Q: What happens to Nazgul events cancelled using Praise to Elbereth?
A: They are discarded and have no effect. Also note that when Praise to Elbereth is played, you must declare which characters are tapping to cancel which Nazgul events.

Q: What happens if I use the Palantir of Orthanc to get a site card from my discard deck?
A: This is actually an invalid use of the card. You can't use it to get site cards because they don't belong in your play deck.

Q: If you are moving with the Palantir of Amon Sul or the Palantir of Osgiliath and the company size goes below the required number, do you have to discard the Palantir?
A: Yes, immediately.

Q: When does a wounded character recieve the corruption from the Pale Sword?
A: Immediately following the Nazgul's attack. The same is true for Morgul-knife.

Q: Can the One Ring be used more than once in a turn?
A: As long as all the corruption checks are made, yes.

Q: Who chooses the character to make the corruption check when The Precious is played?
A: The player playing The Precious chooses.

Q: If I tap Ren the Unclean on my opponent's turn, can I play resources to modify the corruption checks of my characters?
A: No you may not. If you are playing standard rules your characters can tap to give +1 to another character's check in the same company.

** Q: What exactly happens when I play Sacrifice of Form?
A: REVISION: Remove your Wizard from play and place all of his items on the Sacrifice of Form card. Your opponent may not hten play the same wizard, and you may not play a different one.

Q: Can I play Secret Entrance on a company that doesn't move?
A: Yes. In fact, you can play Secret Entrance on a company that didn't move and is in a Dark-domain.

Q: When can Roac the Raven use his special ability?
A: Only during your site phase.

Q: Does another character have to make the attempt with Roac?
A: No, Roac can do it all by himself.

Q: I can tap Saruman to use an un-aligned palantir, right?
A: Right.

Q: Can Saruman use a palantir someone else in his party is carrying?
A: No.

Q: What happens if it turns out someone played a Secret Entrance while the company had a face down card that was a Dark-domain?
A: The effects of the card would be cancelled and the sage would remain tapped. Note that long events that were in play at the end of the organization phase would have to be considered when determining this.

Q: Can Shadowfax carry allies?
A: No. To be elligible for Shadowfax's special ability the party can contain no allies.(except Shadowfax himself).

Q: When does Siege go away?
A: When all copies of the site it is played on are discarded.

Q: Can I tap the target of Slayer to cancel one of the attacks?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I tap two characters to cancel both of the Slayer's attacks?
A: No. Only one attack can be so canceled.

Q: Does Thorin II get a total +4 direct influece against Blue Mountain Dwarves?
A: Yes, he does.

Q: Can I play Tookish Blood on a character who just failed a corruption check?
A: The discarding of the character happens immediately after the failed roll. There is no time for any effects to be used.

Q: Can Tom Bombadil cancel the effects of a Long Winter?
A: No, because the effect is not targeted.

Q: What happens if a character fails a corruption check while two Traitors are in play?
A: The character attacks once and both Traitors are discarded.

Q: Can I play Twilight on a card that has not resolved yet?
A: Yes, Twilight may target a card played earlier in the same chain of effects.

Q: Can I play Twilight as a resource during my opponent's turn?
A: Yes. If you do so, Twilight does not count against the hazard limit for that company.

Q: If the White Tree is in play and I leave Minas Tirith while it is tapped, what happens to the cards?
A: Minas Tirith is discarded and the White Tree remains in play.

Questions About Timing

Q: When is the validity of an effect checked?
A: Upon declaration and upon resolution.

** Q: Can I do anything beside untap during the untap phase?

Q: If a card has several effects, what order do they happen in?
A: The effects of a card happen in the order listed on the card.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: A hobbit is facing an automatic attack because he burgled a site. Can my other characters tap to aid him in facing the attack?
A: No.

Q: During the Free Council can I tap characters to give +1 to a corruption check?
A: Yes, but note that the player calling the free council does not get an untap phase.

Q: Does "a character in the same/his/her company" include the character the card is refering to?
A: Yes.

Q: If something requires me to tap a card can I do it when that card is already tapped?
A: No.

Q: Can an ally carry weapons?
A: No.

Q: Can an ally tap to support a character in combat or to cancel an attack with an Assassin or Slayer?
A: Yes and Yes, for the purposes of combat, allies are considered characters.

Q: If I'm using the optional rule that allows a character to tap to take two strikes, and the first strike kills the character, what happens to the second strike?
A: It is considered successful.

Q: What is the modifier for a character tapping to face two strikes?
A: Each strike is at -3, with the character tapping when they face the second one.

Q: Do characters with 0 corruption points ever have to make corruption checks?
A: Yes, and if the modifier to the roll is bad enough they might fail.

Q: During the Free Council do long- and permanent-events still in play still have an effect?
A: Yes.

Q: If a card has an alternate use, who chooses which way it is played?
A: The person playing the card, if both choices are valid.

Q: Can I choose each time I need a number to draw or roll dice?
A: You should do get numbers the same way for the whole game. Note that the tournament rules specify all players must use dice.

Questions About Support

Q: Is there an official netrep?
A: Yes. His name is Scott Frazer . On AOL he goes by MetWiNetRp.

Q: Is there a website?
A: Yes. The hurl is

Q: How do I get my questions answered?
A: Probably the best way is to post your question to the Usenet group, with "[METW]" in the subject. If you are in no particular rush you can mail questions to Mike Reynolds at [email protected]. It might be a few days before he can get to it.

Q: Is there going to be a player's guide published?
A: The Companion is already out. There is a Player's Guide that is still in production.

Q: Are there any expansion sets planned?
A: Yes. At this moment Iron Crown is hard at work on Middle-earth: The Dragons(TM) and Middle-earth: Dark Minions(TM).

Q: What about an Unlimited edition?
A: Look for the Unlimited edition in late March or early April.

Q: How many cards were printed in the Limited Edition?
A: Carta Mundi printed 45 million cards for the Limited Edition.

Q: Is there any way to get the promotional cards without buying the magazines?
A: Sure. Send a SASE to ICE with a letter requesting the promo cards and they will send them back to you.

Cards with Errata

Akhorahil: Change " -1 penalty to one..." to "...modifies any one character's body by -1 for the rest of the turn."

** Align Palantir: Add "May not be duplicated on a given Palantir." Army of the Dead: Add "May not be influenced by an opponent."

Bill the Pony: The body of this ally should be 10, not 6.

Book of Mazarbul: Replace "...tap the bearer during your organization phase..." with "tap Book of Mazarbul during you organization phase..."

Corsairs of Umbar: Add "May also be played at any site in Elven Shores, Eriadoran Coast, Andrast Coast, Bay of Belfalas, or Mouths of the Anduin."

Cracks of Doom: Remove "Otherwise, discard The One Ring and its bearer." Dodge: Replace "...his body check is modified by -1." with "...his body is modified by -1 for the resulting body check."

Drowning Seas: Remove "Cannot be duplicated."

Dwarven Ring of Bavor's Tribe: one "reshuffle the play deck" is sufficient.

Dwarven Ring of Druin's Tribe: one "reshuffle the play deck" is sufficient.

Dwarven Ring of Thelor's Tribe: Values in parenthesis and brackets apply to Dwarf bearer. The prowess/body modifications should read: "+2(4)/+1."

Dwarven Ring of Thrar's Tribe: Values in parenthesis and brackets apply to Dwarf bearer. The prowess/body modifications should read: "+2(4)/+1."

Ent-draughts: Remove "as a minor item" and replace with "in addition to an ally or faction has been succesfully played at Wellinghall."

Giant: Add "Giant."

The Great Goblin: "Unique. Orc. One strike..."

Great-road: Replace "Opponent draws twice..." with "Opponent may draw up to twice..."

Gwaihir: Should read " may discard Gwaihir during the organization phase to allow his company..."

Horses: Add "Playable only at the end of the Organization phase."

Huorn: Add "Awakened Plant."

Lucky Search: Replace "Discard all revealed cards except the item." with "Reshuffle all revealed cards except the item back into the play deck."

Lure of Nature: Replace " the end of each movement/hazard phase..." with "...after all other hazards have been played..."

Morannon: Should read "This card is used as a Dark-hold (D) site card in the region of Udun that is moved to..."

Mouth of Sauron: Add "Man." Neeker Breekers: Add "Does not affect Wizards."

Old Man Willow: Add "Awakened Plant."

The Old Thrush: Add "Cannot be duplicated on a given attack."

Pukel-men: Add "Pukel-creature."

Quiet lands: Replace " reduced to half its original number (rounded up)." with " reduced by half (rounded up)."

Ringlore: Add "Playable only during the site phase. Tap the sage and the site."

** River: Replace text with: "Playable on a site. If a company that has moved to this site this turn does not tap a ranger, it must do nothing during its site phase."

Roac the Raven: Remove "-no modifications to the influence check are required." Replace with "-treat this influence check as though it were made by a Diplomat."

Sacrifice of Form: Replace "-3 to any body checks..." with "+3 to any body checks..."

Seige: Change the border-land symbol in the first line to a border- hold symbol.

Shadowfax: " additional site card may be played and an additional movement/hazard phase..."
Silent Watcher: Gives 1 marshalling point, not 0. Add "Pukel-creature."

Slayer: Gives 2 marshalling point, not 0. Add "Slayer."

Tookish Blood: There is no errata on Tookish Blood.

Traitor: Replace the last paragraph with "This card is discarded when a character fails his corruption check."

Treebeard: Replace "Redhorn Gap" with "Redhorn Gate."

Twilight: This card may be played at any time during any player's turn.

Use Palantir: Change text to "Sage only. Tap sage to enable him to use one Palantir he bears for the rest of the turn."

Wizard's Laughter: Change "Wizard only." to "Wizard only during opponent's site phase."

Wizard's Ring: Replace "Ignore any effect that would discard this item" with "Cannot be stored, stolen, or transfered."

The White Tree: Add "Discard the Sapling of the White Tree." Note that you can only discard a Sapling that you played.

Wolves: Change "Animals." to "Wolves."

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