Middle Earth: the Wizards Guide
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Limited Edition

The limited edition of Middle Earth: The Wizards was released in early December, 1995. By mid to late January, 1996, most retail stores were out of stock. The anticipated date for the release of the blue-bordered unlimited edition is late March / Early April, so it seems that demand was much higher than expected.

Although it's been impossible to get exact numbers from ICE, 44-46 million cards were printed. The question then becomes, "How many of each card are there?" In boosters, the ratio of rares to total cards is 1:15. In starters, the ratio is 3:76 or 1:25.3. If we assume that about the same number of boxes of starters and boosters were released, that means a ratio of something like 1:20, or 2.25 million rares. The rare sheet has 121 rares, so that calculates out to 18600 of each rare. Depending on the actual number of starter and booster boxes sold, the real number could be up to 20% higher, as it's doubtful that more starter boxes were released than booster boxes. So, a good estimation would be about 20k rares.

Since 3 uncommons come with each rare, 60k of each uncommon exist. To determine the actual numbers of other cards, we would have to know more exactly the number of booster vs. starter boxes.

Unlimited Edition

Due out in late March / early April.. Although ICE might move the date up because the huge demand for the game caused the limited edition to sell out much more quickly than they anticipated.

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