Middle Earth: the Wizards Guide
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What does a booster come with?

A booster pack contains 15 cards in this order:

What does a starter come with?

A starter deck contains two seprately packaged decks.

The smaller of the two contains one of five possible fixed sets of 24 cards each. Each fixed set will include two Rivendell cards, one of every other Haven site, one Gates of Morning, one Doors of Night, two Wizard cards, and some characters, sites, and factions that can be used together in a game. For example, if you get the Beornings faction card, which is only playable at Beorn's House, you will also get the Beorn's House site card and the Beorn character card. There are 5 different fixed packs. Notice that 5*24 = 120 cards. Where the last card on the fixed set goes is a hot topic of debate.

The larger deck contains 52 cards in this order:

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