Middle Earth: the Wizards Guide
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Fixed Pack Specs

Here's the low-down on what cards you get from each fixed pack.
Fixed packs contain:
                5 Characters
                2 Wizards
                1 Wind Throne
                7 Others, including two for factions.
                5 Havens, 2 River. 1 Gray, 1 Lorien, 1 Edhellion
                2 Factions, Playable at sites given.
                1 Gate of Morning
                1 Doors of Night

CARD          DECK 1                DECK 2                  DECK 3
Wiz 1   Saruman                 Ragagast                Ragagast
Wiz 2   Pallando                Alatar                  Gandelf

Chr 1   Aragorn II              Celeborn                Bard Bowman
Chr 2   Boromir II              Elrohir                 Peath
Chr 3   Kili                    R. Smallburrow          Glorfindel II
Chr 4   Elladan                 Theoden                 Faramir
Chr 5   Annalena                Adrazar                 Kili

Fac 1   Ranger o. North         Riders o. Rohan         Dunlendings
Fac 2   Men o. Anorien          Tower G. of M.Tirith    Rang. of Itilien

Sit 1   Bree                    Edoras                  Dunnish C.Hold
Sit 2   Minas Tirith            Minas Tirith            Henneth Anun
Sit 3   Isengard                Moria                   Moria
Sit 4   Weather Top             Bag End                 Weather Top
Sit 5   T.Lonely Mt.            Rosgobel                Rosgobel
Sit 6   Mount Gram              Mount Gram              Goblin Gate
Sit 7   Bandits Lair            Bandits Lair            Ruined Signal Tower

CARD          DECK 4                 DECK 5
Wiz 1   Altar                   Gandalf
Wiz 2   Saruman                 Pallando

Chr 1   Beregond                Gildor Inglorion
Chr 2   Beorn                   R. Smallburrow
Chr 3   Bard Bowman             Erkenbrand
Chr 4   Gimli                   Thranduil
Chr 5   Annalena                Boromir II

Fac 1   Iron Hill Dwarves       Ents of Fangorn
Fac 2   Beornings               Wood-elves

Sit 1   Ruined Signal Tower     Bandits Lair
Sit 2   Weathertop              Weathertop
Sit 3   Moria                   Wellinghall
Sit 4   Isengard                Barrow-downs
Sit 5   Iron Hill Dwarf-Hold    Bag End
Sit 6   Goblin Gate             T.Lonely Mt.
Sit 7   Beorn's House           Thranduils Halls
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