METW Hazards sorted by type

Adunaphel                 Cr/Perm    Nazgul   5 dD      1x 15/10 
Akhorahil                 Cr/Perm    Nazgul   5 dD      1x 16/9 
Dwar of Waw               Cr/Perm    Nazgul   5 dD      1x 15/10 
Hoarmurath of Dir         Cr/Perm    Nazgul   5 dD      1x 15/9 
Indur Dawndeath           Cr/Perm    Nazgul   5 dD      1x 15/10 
Khamul the Easterling     Cr/Perm    Nazgul   6 dD      1x 18/8 
Ren the Unclean           Cr/Perm    Nazgul   5 dD      1x 15/10 
Uvatha the Horseman       Cr/Perm    Nazgul   5 dD      1x 15/9 
Witch-king of Angmar      Cr/Perm    Nazgul   6 dD      1x 17/12 
Shelob                    Cr/Perm    Spider   6         1x 18/9 
Mouth of Sauron           Cr/Short            3 dD      1x 13/8 
Giant                     Creature            1 2       1x 13/--
Huorn                     Creature            1 w       1x 10/--
Old Man Willow            Creature            1 2       1x 13/--
Pukel-men                 Creature            1 SD      2x 11/--
Silent Watcher            Creature            1 SD     -1x  8/--
Slayer                    Creature            2 bB      2x 11/--
Watcher in the Water      Creature            1 2c     -1x  8/--
Crebain                   Creature   Animals  1 bwsdrSD
Fell Turtle               Creature   Animals  1 c       1x 15/--
Mumak (Oliphant)          Creature   Animals  1         2x 12/--
Neeker-breekers           Creature   Animals  1 bwsdR  -1x  7/--
Agburanar                 Creature   Dragon   4         2x 15/9 
Cave-drake                Creature   Dragon   1 2r      2x 10/--
Daelomin                  Creature   Dragon   4         3x 13/8 
Leucaruth                 Creature   Dragon   4         2x 16/8 
Smaug                     Creature   Dragon   5         2x 17/8 
Abductor                  Creature   Men      1 sS      1x 10/--
Ambusher                  Creature   Men      1 fb      2x 10/--
Assassin                  Creature   Men      1 BF      1x 11/--
Brigands                  Creature   Men      1 bw      2x  8/--
Corsairs of Umbar         Creature   Men      1 c       5x  9/--
Pick-pocket               Creature   Men      1 FB      1x 11/--
Thief                     Creature   Men      1 bB      1x 15/--
The Great Goblin          Creature   Orc      2 D       1x 12/7 
Orc-guard                 Creature   Orcs     1 sdSD    5x  8/--
Orc-lieutenant            Creature   Orcs     1 wsdrSD  1x  7/--
Orc-patrol                Creature   Orcs     1 wsdrSD  3x  6/--
Orc-raiders               Creature   Orcs     1 bwr     4x  6/--
Orc-warband               Creature   Orcs     1 wsdrSD  5x  4/--
Orc-warriors              Creature   Orcs     1 bwr     3x  7/--
Orc-watch                 Creature   Orcs     1 sdSD    3x  9/--
Giant Spiders             Creature   Spiders  1 2       2x 10/--
Bert (Burat)              Creature   Troll    1 wsS     1x 12/--
Rogrog                    Creature   Troll    2 dsD     1x 13/8 
Tom (Tuma)                Creature   Troll    1 2       1x 13/--
William (Wuluag)          Creature   Troll    1 wsdSD   1x 11/--
Half-trolls of Far Harad  Creature   Trolls   1 sdSD    2x 10/--
Olog-hai (Trolls)         Creature   Trolls   2 sdD     3x 10/5 
Barrow-wight              Creature   Undead   1 sdSD    1x 12/--
Corpse-candle             Creature   Undead   1 wsdSD   1x  7/--
Ghosts                    Creature   Undead   1 sdSD    3x  9/--
Ghouls                    Creature   Undead   1 sdSD    5x  7/--
Wargs                     Creature   Wolves   1 bws     2x  9/--
Wolves                    Creature   Wolves   1 bw      3x  8/--
Awaken Denizens           Long                         
Awaken Minions            Long                         
Eye of Sauron             Long                         
Minions Stir              Long                         
Plague of Wights          Long                         
The Balance of Things     Long                         
Wake of War               Long                         
Clouds                    Long       Environ           
Fell Winter               Long       Environ           
Foul Fumes                Long       Environ           
Long Winter               Long       Environ           
Morgul Night              Long       Environ           
Night                     Long       Environ           
Snowstorm                 Long       Environ           
Storms of Osse            Long       Environ           
Balrog of Moria           Perm                5        
Bane of the Ithil-stone   Perm                         
Lure of Power             Perm                         
Siege                     Perm                  BF     
The Nazgul are Abroad     Perm                         
The Will of Sauron        Perm                         
Traitor                   Perm                         
Despair of the Heart      Perm       Corrupt +2C       
Lure of Creation          Perm       Corrupt +2C       
Lure of Expedience        Perm       Corrupt +2C       
Lure of Nature            Perm       Corrupt +2C       
Lure of the Senses        Perm       Corrupt +2C       
Morgul-knife              Perm       Corrupt +4C       
The Burden of Time        Perm       Corrupt +2C       
The Pale Sword            Perm       Corrupt +6C       
Doors of Night            Perm       Environ           
Arouse Denizens           Short                        
Arouse Minions            Short                        
Call of Home              Short                        
Call of the Sea           Short                        
Dragon's Desolation       Short                        
Fell Beast                Short                        
Morgul-horse              Short                        
Muster Disperses          Short                        
The Precious              Short                        
The Ring's Betrayal       Short                        
The Will of the Ring      Short                        
Tookish Blood             Short                        
Weariness of the Heart    Short                        
Words of Power and Terror Short                        
Awaken the Earth's Fire   Short      Environ           
Choking Shadows           Short      Environ           
Drowning Seas             Short      Environ           
Gloom                     Short      Environ           
New Moon                  Short      Environ           
Twilight                  Short      Environ           
Lost at Sea               Short      Movement          
Lost in Border-lands      Short      Movement          
Lost in Dark-domains      Short      Movement          
Lost in Free-domains      Short      Movement          
Lost in Shadow-lands      Short      Movement          
Lost in the Wilderness    Short      Movement          
Greed                     Short      Site              
River                     Short      Site              

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