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Middle-earth: the Wizards card info

[Note: This is a mirror of the original page.]

Welcome to the complete spoiler list for the collectible card game Middle-earth: the Wizards, produced by Iron Crown Enterprises.

Complete information for all 486 cards (includes two promo cards) can be found here.

Last update: 1/23/96, Version: 1.02

Most of the information should be self-explanatory if you own the game. Let me know if anything is unclear. The rarity abbreviations are the same ones used on the card list from Iron Crown (plain text or Netscape table), (plus P_SCR12 & P_INQ10 for the promo cards in Scrye #12 and Inquest #10). A list of abbreviations is available.

Cards are sorted by type. Sorry, but all accents and other diacritical marks have been stripped from the text (I hope to eventually convince my database program to deal with them).

For now, there is only one level of HTML pages, so all card info for each card type is in one document (ranging from 13K - 92K). If this turns out to be unpopular, I will rearrange things.

Characters (30K)
Hazards (64K)
Regions (13K)
Resources (92K)
Sites (22K)

There are also got comma-separated lists of the same information (the description field contains newlines, but is delimited by '|' characters) here:
Character.csv (13K)
Hazard.csv (36K)
Region.csv (4K)
Resource.csv (52K)
Site.csv (7K)